Practice in the Shadows{ Rose and Angela

Rose thrust and then pulled her sword back quickly. She jumped back and thrust again, then parried, and landed softly on her feet. She was bouncing, almost like flying from spot to spot. Rose was attempting to get in a little practice with her sword, she wanted to do it justice as Glenstorm had said. She felt so agile, it was perfect. Rose hopped to another spot and ducked, picturing her opponent had just swung at her head. Although the mere mental image of an opponent was no where near the same as having a real one, she was trying. The problem was she could predict her attackers next move, being he was a part of her subconscious, and in a real battle, she would not know her aggressor’s next jab. Rose calmed down a minute to take a breath, and re-sheathed her sword. She heard a noise not far off behind her and looked around quickly. She hesitated re-drawing the sword, for it could be a friend rather than enemy.