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Rose sat on the edge of land, her feet dangling up above the water. The sight was so calming, but it was a sight she was not seeing, for her nose was buried in a book. She was lost in a world very far from her own, and just as far from the world she had just taken up residence in. Rose was captivated by the story she was reading, one of a man who fell in love with a woman, but she died before he could tell her. The man was dealing with grief and regret, and she felt the most sympathy for him. It had to be dreadful to go through something like that. The wind blowing her soft blonde hair into her brown eyes brought her out of the world of the unfortunate man, and back into Narnia, where she sat by the crystal clear water. Then she began to appreciate the calming and beautiful sight in front of her. Rose sighed slowly with a smile.